September 15 | “God Wins!”

August 18 | “The Schematic of the Gospel”

August 11 | “We Are All Alike”

July 28 | “The Gospel Introduced”

July 21 | “Romans Introduced”

July 8 | “Love the Lord Your God – Part 5”

June 30 | “Love the Lord Your God – Part 4”

June 23| “Love the Lord Your God – Part 3”

June 16 | “Love the Lord Your God – Part 2”

June 9 | “Love the Lord Your God – Part 1”

June 2 | “God Provides”

May 19 | “God Delivers”

May 5 | “God Is”

April 28 | “God Includes”

April 21 | “What Difference Does Easter Make?”

April 14 | “Jesus’ Journey into Jerusalem”

April 7 | “God and His Amazing Sovereignty”

March 31 | “Joseph and His Amazing Faith”

March 23 | “Jacob: Wrestling With God”

March 10 | “Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord?”

Feb. 24 | “The Faith of Abraham”

Feb. 17 | “Nations & Languages”

Feb. 10 | “From the Fall to the Flood”

Feb. 3 | “The Great Fall… and Great Hope”

Jan. 6 | “In the Beginning…”

Dec. 30 | “Facing the Unknown”

Dec. 23 | “The Two Trees of Christmas”

Dec 16 | “The Angels’ Pronouncement”

Dec. 9 | by Nate Ogden

Nov. 11 | “Facing Fear”

Nov. 4 | “Get Up” – a message by Brent Preston

Oct. 28 | “Facing Trials”

Oct. 21 | “Facing Disappointment”

Oct. 14 | “Diffusing Grace Through Love”

Oct. 7 | “Diffusing Grace Through Forgiveness”

Sept. 30 | “Implications of Grace”

Sept. 23 | “Audacious Grace”

Sept. 16 | “God’s Saving Grace”

Sept. 9 | “God Is Good”

Sept. 2 | “God is the Giver of Grace”

August 19 | “Strength for the Weary”

August 12 | “Bad Fruit”

August 5 |  “God Is The Potter”

July 29 | “Our Problem – God’s Solution”

July 22 | “All Are Important”

July 1 | “Our Prayer”

June 24 | “Our Work”

June 17 | “A Changed Home”

June 10| “Looking Like Jesus”

June 3 | “Remember”

May 27 | “No Longer Appropriate”

May 20 | “That Changes Everything!”

May 13 | “Jesus: All That You Need”

May 6 | “Live In Him”

April 29 | “Christ in You, the Hope of Glory”

April 22 | “Who Is Jesus?”  Colossians 1:15-20

April 15 | “Thankful for God’s Salvation”  Colossians 1:9-14

April 1 | “The Wonder of the Resurrection”

March 25 | “Moses: Seeing God’s Salvation”

March 18 | “Moses: Seeing God’s Provision”

March 11 | “Moses: Seeing God’s Providence”

Feb. 25| “Jehoshaphat: An Example of Facing Fears”

A sermon from 2 Chronicles 20

Feb. 18 | “Joseph: An Example in Faith”

Feb. 11 | “Joseph: An Example in Forgiveness”

Feb. 4 | “Joseph: An Example in Integrity”

Jan. 28 | “Joseph: An Example in Temptation”

Jan. 21 | “Joseph: An Example in Patience”

This is the first of a multi-sermon series looking at the example of Joseph.  Today, his example in patience.

Jan. 7 | “Nine Arts of Spiritual Conversations”

One year ago we went through a nine week sermon series on the nine arts.  Today we review those arts as we enter into a new yea.

Dec. 31 | “Perspective for the Coming Year”

From Psalm 90 we get needed perspective which will give to us a new year filled with days of gladness.

Dec. 24 | “The Target & Purpose of Christmas”

What was the target and purpose of Jesus’s coming?  Today’s message – from John 3:16 – answers the question and will leave you rejoicing!

Dec. 17 | 2017 Christmas program

This audio features some of what made up this year’s Christmas program.  (some of the program was not able to be heard on the CD so is not a part of the audio)

Dec. 10 | “God’s Love: The Propellant of of Christmas”

What was it the ‘propelled’ Jesus to the manger of Christmas?  The Bible tells us in John 3:16 that it was God’s love.  In this message we consider and marvel at the love of God.

Dec. 3 | “Follow Me”

A special message from God’s Word by Nate Ogden about Jesus’ invitation to follow Him.

Nov. 26 | “The Six Laws of the Harvest”

In Galatians 6:7-10 the image of planting/harvesting in used.  In this message we consider 6 spiritual laws tied into this image.

Nov. 19 | “A Broken Heart”

A message shared from Psalm 51 by Rev. Jerry Rupp.

Nov. 12 | “Teach Us to Pray”

Jesus’ followers asked Jesus to teach them to pray.  This message looks how Jesus taught them – and teaches us – to pray.

Nov. 5 | “Giving Thanks – And Prayer”

Today’s message looks and the importance of giving thanks – and how giving thanks is inseparably tied to prayer.

Oct. 29 | “But God Says…”

Oct. 22 |  “Be Filled with the Spirit”

Ephesians 5:18 give the Christ-follower 5 little words that provide the key to living as follower of Christ.  This message looks at this key.

Sept. 24 | “Put On the New Self”

We have been told that, as believers in Christ, we are to put off the old and put on the new.  But how do we do that?  Listen to this message from Eph. 4:17ff which deals with that very important question.

Sept. 10 | “Seeing God”

As the lens of eclipse glasses enabled us to see the sun, the lens of God’s Word enables us to see its Author.  Through the lens of Ephesians 3:14-22 we are enabled to see God and see what He wants for us.
Sept. 3 | “God’s Mystery”

In his letter the the Ephesians Paul writes of the ‘mystery’ of God?  Can we know what that mystery is?

August 26 | “The Church is LIKE a Building”
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The church is not a building but a word describing the people who trust and follow Jesus.  Not a building, but in Eph. 2:11ff is referred to as being LIKE a building.  What sort of a building?  Listen to the answer to that question in this message.

August 20 | “Like the Thief on the Cross”

The path to salvation taken by the thief on the cross next to Jesus is the same path we all must take.  It is the same path shown in the text of this message: Eph. 2:1-9.

August 13 | “What’s Worth Knowing?”

In a world filled with knowledge the question “What’s Worth Knowing?” is an important one.  We get an answer to that question through the words of a prayer recorded by Paul in Eph. 1:15ff.

August 6 | “I Am Rich”

In the opening verses of the NT book of Ephesians the believer in Jesus Christ is reminded that they are truly rich.  This message reminds us of that reality.

July 30 | “What Counts”

Ever wonder what in life counts – more than anything else?  The final verses of Galatians, on which this message is based, answers this important question.

July 23 | “Helping One Another”

The opening verses of Galatians 6 tell us that we need to help each other by lifting up, holding up and building up.

July 16 |  “By The Spirit”

How do we find victory over the tendency in us to give in to attitudes and actions that are displeasing to God?  Today’s message finds the answer to that question in Galatians

July 9 | “Using Your Freedom”

Last week we learned of the freedom Jesus gives to us when we place our faith in Him. In today’s passage (Gal. 5:13-16) we are told how we live in the freedom we have been given.

July 2 |  “Freedom!”

“It is for freedom Christ has set you free…” (Galatians 5:1)  What is this freedom, how do we obtain it and what is its result?  This message examines this passage and looks at these questions.

June 18 | “You Have A Father Who…”

Paul writes in Galatians of how, through faith in Jesus Christ, we can not only be forgiven — we can also become sons and daughters of God!  Today’s Father’s Day message reminds of the Father we have who are sons and daughters of God.

June 11 | “Welcome to the Family!”

The good news of the gospel tells us that when we place our faith in Jesus our sins are forgiven and we are declared right before God.  But that is not all the good news.  Listen to this message from Galatians 3:15-4:6 to more implications of the gospel which truly is “good news of great joy”!

May 28 | Galatians 3

How is one made right with God?  Can our good deeds ever sufficiently outweigh the bad?  God shares the answers to these questions from the text of this message, Galalatians 3:6-14

May 21 | “The Abundant Life of Faith”

This message, given by Thomas Baldwin, continues the series of messages from Galatians and is entitled, “The Abundant Life of Faith”.

May 14 | Galatians 2

From Galaltians 2 we are informed of the source and content of the good news.  This message from God’s word will lead you to the most important question you will ever face in life.

May 7 | “Called and Sent”
God called, then sent Paul.  Has He done the same for you?  Today’s message for Galatians 1:11ff gives the answer.

April 30 | Guest Speaker Jerry Rupp
Pt 1
Pt 2

April 23 | “Jesus’ Unique Claim”
From Galatians 1:10 we are confronted with one question: “Who am I seeking to Please?”  Your answer to this question determines the course – and the steps – of your life.

Easter Message
This message focuses upon the unique victory of Jesus and His resurrection – and how His victory belongs to all who believe in Him!

April 9 | “Jesus’ Unique Claim”
Who was it Jesus claimed to be?  This message from John 12 has Jesus answering that question and leaves you with two choices:  Receive Him or reject Him.

April 2 | “Jesus’ Picture Album”
Not a literal picture album, of course!  But Jesus left with us something reminds us of the important.  Something we can look at, hold and taste.  Listen to hear what HIs picture album left for us was.

March 26 | “Jesus: His Bucket List”
Jesus had a bucket list LONG before the bucket list was thought of.  Today’s message looks at the bucket list of Jesus and reminds us how in some ways ours should be exactly the same as was His.