Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances of no fault to anyone, Groveland Bible Church’s effective ministries will come to an end this coming Sunday on September 15th 2019.

Groveland Bible Church, its pastors, and people have had a rich 141 year history of honoring God’s work of preaching and teaching, loving Jesus, being committed to prayer and serving the church, and the caring for others within and outside of our walls.

We thank the current congregation for their love of Jesus, and their love of His church, it’s pastor, its people, and the community these last few years. We also thank past attenders, our FEC denomination, and other supporters for their sacrificial contributions as well.

Please join us at 10:30 on September 15th for this very special Sunday honoring God’s faithfulness, Groveland Bible Church ministries locally, and for Groveland Bible being a launching pad for many other churches and ministry workers over the years.

We will also be honoring Pastor’s Bruce’s almost 25 years of dedicated service to Groveland Bible. Pastor Bruce and Dianne plan to stay in the area through mid-January while they seek other full-time ministry options, and they one day hope to retire in the Flanagan, IL area. Please be in prayer for them as they seek God’s will.

Too, please be in prayer for the current members of Groveland Bible Church as they tie up loose ends and look for new places to worship. Those churches will be fortunate to have them.

After our celebration service on Sunday, you are invited to a potluck in our Fellowship Hall, please bring a dish or two to share and plan to stay and visit for as long as you like.

Also, feel free to share in the comments below what God, Groveland Bible Church, its people, and its pastors have meant to you over the years.

Our prayer is that one day our facilities will be open to a new ministry (we will let you know if or when that happens), although we know God’s church is not a building, but rather His people. Regardless of location, His church lives on!